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Hug Granny and everyone else – How radical!

This past Christmas, I saw a headline saying ‘Don’t Hug Gran this Christmas’. How sad for gran, and all her loved ones, but these are the times we are living in. Very hard decisions to make, especially when someone’s life … Continue reading

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Watch “20 years of British films in France.” on YouTube

There is an outdoor film festival which happens annually in our neck of the woods. Here’s a quick interview with the couple that started it. Hope you enjoy. Peace, Joe

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Here Comes The Sun!!

Last time I wrote we were nearly rusting over, fortunately Janey-Rae was water tight, but our waterproofs were letting the driving rain through, and our daily mileage was a bit higher than normal because when it is pouring rain, or … Continue reading

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Wintering in warmer climes.

Here we are month two of 2017, and what a beginning! Without focusing too much on the crazy politics of the world at the moment we are keeping sane in our rig Janey-Rae and wintering in the warmer climes of … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t Arkansas end in a ‘w’?

Yes we are still on the road. It’s been a while since I wrote, but believe it or not in the land of constant connection we’ve been staying in a house with no wifi for the last month or so … Continue reading

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Permaculture – A Sustainable Answer

Originally posted on thebikeguy61:
What is the question? How can we incorporate all aspects of our modern lifestyles into an interesting way forward that respects the planet, those we share it with, and ourselves? From transport to planting gardens, Locky briefly…

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2015 in review

Thanks everyone for taking the time out to watch my vlogs and read my blogs!!! Here’s what last year looked like for the blogsite. Read or watch some of the ones that you may have missed and sound interesting. Have … Continue reading

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New York City Speaks.

Originally posted on thebikeguy61:
Hello everyone. The city that is near and dear to my heart just saw me fall deeper in love. Come walk the streets with me and meet the people and see the streets that make this…

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Timber Framing – A Natural Way to Build.

Here Denis explains how his love for life and desire to learn took his younger self across an ocean and continent to discover timber framing. Now back in France after his three decade sojourn he talks about the fruits of … Continue reading

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A mule, a man, and a vision.

A self-proclaimed tramp, self-taught blacksmith, most recently on a three year journey from Amsterdam to the Pyrenees in Southern France. How did he get here, where is heading, or does he even care? Meet Sandy and Bella (AKA Stella;-), his … Continue reading

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