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A topic which gives us enough fuel to keep the world in a constant state of war, while giving so many others inner peace and solitude.

The New York Series continues.

Beyond The Bronx – Following the heart. Jennifer describes her journey from The Bronx as she follows her heart to Los Angeles then to Pittsburgh as life was slightly nudging her to where she is today. Enjoy the journey! LIKE … Continue reading

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Vanda tells her interesting tale.

Hello everyone. Spring is in the air, adventure is on the wing. I hope you all have excitement awaiting around the corner. I learned a lot today talking to a fellow traveler on her life voyage. What is handfasting, and … Continue reading

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Death isn’t choosy.

This week saw the death of former U.K. Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. I realize a politician’s life is destined to make some unfriendly liaisons along the way, but it seems the “Ironwoman” of the UK in the 80’s did a … Continue reading

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AU # 10

Hello Africa Updatees! I just want to say this philosophical ditty ahead was born of facing my own mortality – strangely to blame on our age of digital communication. As I have been away from my family now for over … Continue reading

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Africa Update # 2

Hello All, Tomorrow the adventure begins. The backpack will cart my clothes and the boxes and duffel bag are some bicycle parts I’ve collected from various shops in the USA, UK, and here. The unknown recipients thank you all. It’s … Continue reading

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