I grew up in The Bronx, NYC’s only boro on the mainland. From that vantage point I took advantage of not having to cross bridges and explored upstate New York by bicycle, and when I was older by motorcycle. This love of travel has continued throughout my life and I still explore the places I live, and have lived, on two wheels. I recount 13 years of my journey exploring the planet in my first book. “Cycles of a Traveler”.


I have done many talks promoting the book and speaking of my voyage of discovery both inner and outer. Here is a snippet of an intimate talk with a childhood friend.

Married now with two children I have mainly remained in Europe with a few visits back to the country of my birth, but I feel more comfortable in the small villages on the continent of my forefathers.

Most recently I have just spent time in Sierra Leone Africa with a small NGO there getting bicycles to people young and old who walk long distances to school or work. It was these three months which prompted me to start a blogsite.


I hope this blogsite serves as a space for open dialogue for all who find their way here.

Peace, Joe


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