Take the red pill!

The Matrix 4 movie is soon to be released and the trailer looks promising. Maybe harkening back to the first movie. I feel we have collectively entered the realms of a global society on the blue pill. (This link gives an explanation of the blue pill/red pill for those of you not familiar with the film).

I recently had Covid. I now have natural antibodies. In France where I live that also allows me to get a health pass for the next six months but I refuse to be part of that Apartheid system. So even though I have antibodies and am, according to some studies, statistically safer to be around than vaxxinated people, I still can’t go to movie theatres, cafés, restaurants, etc… unless I get prodded up my nose to prove I am not a threat to those around me. I realise it is my choice as I didn’t opt to be a card-carrying, fine, upstanding member of society. So I am now marginalised.

In our area we all accepted the fact that Covid would eventually visit us. If you have read my other blogs you will know why. A vast majority of us refused to live in fear, stop socialising and wear masks. So when Covid recently came and stayed a while, some of us were more badly affected than others but all of us who have had it survived. I also have vaxxinated friends in the village who can live “normal” lives now, and breathe easier as they now feel better protected, but can’t take too deep a breath, as more boosters await because many studies have shown that efficacy in the jab wanes at about 40% a month.(I should have not put this number in as I can not find the two articles that made the reference, my mistake, but I will not take it out, as it would change the original blog, but I do want to apologise for putting an un-footnoted number in this blog) Many of us have refused to get the health pass, while others, deeming it necessary to live life here in France, succumbed to the system, some saving their livelihoods, others keeping their rights to feel that they are now free to do as they please. I pass no judgment on either camp. It’s all about choice. Or is it?

If we collectively take the red pill we may see what is hiding in plain sight. We are living a dystopian existence. My good friend, who is also my neighbour, (and the guy who gave me Covid;-) plays guitar in a duo. I have seen them play many times over the years. I have filmed them, taken photos, and watched them progress as musicians, but now I no longer have the right to see them play publically because of my choice to not get my privilege card of entry. I have another good friend in England who had Covid – he has strong antibodies, but in the entertainment industry where he works he would lose his venue insurance unless he is jabbed, even though it isn’t recommended for those who have had Covid, and natural immunity wanes at only 5% a month! (Nor should I have not put this number in as I can not find the two articles that made the reference, my mistake, but I will not take it out, as it would change the original blog, but I do want to apologise for putting an un-footnoted number in this blog)Another French person I know who is a professional mountain biker had Covid, also tested positive for antibodies but was forced to have at least one jab to be allowed to enter America to race. As a UK resident flying into Europe it is commonly accepted to pay more in PCR tests to get on a plane then the ticket itself cost, and it doesn’t matter if you are vaxed or not! My good friend here in France needs to get tested every third day to visit her son fighting for his life in an intensive care unit, while his sister must pay twenty five euros for the same test to visit her brother because she is not a French resident. An acquaintance in England recently told me he had just tested positive for Covid presently asymptomatically after having both jabs, saying happily how the vaxxine worked. I chuckled to myself thinking how he had been an infected asymptomatic person with Covid walking openly on the street or going into cafés, unknowingly potentially spreading the virus. So much for doing it for others! Big choices to be taken, lots of money to be made for the corporations calling the shots (excuse the pun), and many tough decisions to be made by people who don’t necessarily believe in the vaxxination, but need to work, earn a living and feed their families. We are being played with like a mouse trapped by a cat, and we have accepted this as reality. I ask one question? Why?

I just read this article of how Moderna stock has gone up 360% recently, but there is fear of the stock dropping because of the booster debate going on. The article has lots about stock prices in it, the human side and adverse reactions or loss of life never mentioned at all. The good news and bad news is tied in with financial loss or gain. Boosters translate into dollars, and Covid has been a definite winner for Moderna financially. If we had all chosen to live in a world led by capitalist rules, modern medical, take a pill for every ill, type of thinking, I would be less frustrated. That is not really possible with over seven billion people on the planet, and I am thankful for that. The world has not collectively come to where we are now, we have been pushed, shoved, censored, lied to, coerced and now profited and controlled by our own governments and a small handful of powerful corporations. The Biden administration, and the head of the CDC, both said not long ago that mandatory vaccines in America would never come to pass. What happened to that promise? Power and money do funny things to people. If you think that for once the American, British, Australian… governments and big-pharma are actually acting altruistically, I do urge you to take the red pill, and, as you may have noticed, I am not a person into taking pills or jabs to keep healthy! Here is a recent post from Russell Brand some of you may find interesting.

I recently tried to share this interview with Eric Clapton on my Facebook page where it was basically made invisible. Why can’t we easily hear the voices of the injured and the let down or have access to the many diverse voices of science out there that could lead us down different paths to health? Power and control are the answers I come to no matter which way I look. Let me make a small prediction here. In our collective blue pill existence, society at large will be lining up to become human pin cushions for the next five years; boosters every eight months for a virus that has still not proved to be more deadly than the common flu in certain age groups. Hmmmm.

I, for one, and many of those around me have left mainstream thought and life on purpose. We have made conscious decisions to live with less, have more time to be free to spend time with our families and friends, eat well and look after our bodes in a more holistic way. With the world seemingly accepting Apartheid as normal – illness, obesity, bad nutrition, and stress being the bench mark for our modern lifestyles, plus the ‘us and them’ divisive thinking as to how modern life is to be lived now and forevermore – I am, perhaps surprisingly, still hopeful. I am hopeful that more eyes will be opened to the fact that so much of modern day life was broken already; Covid just exacerbated the whole situation. Now, with health passes, obvious control of our freedoms and choices of personal health, while mega corporations just get richer, yes, I am hopeful more people will be reaching for the red pill. The time to fix the many broken systems we support and live with is not only fast-approaching, but has arrived!

Change isn’t easy, and times of transition always come with lots of upheaval. If any of you reading this truly feel that the worldwide vaxxination programs are really based on doing it for others, and not being driven by profit, I offer you a quick look at the political, big business world from the perspective the red pill offers. First and foremost we have seen that government can mysteriously find billions of dollars, especially when it comes to military spending, but world-wide millions still die every year from hunger. Lands are illegally occupied as so many suffer under regimes backed (and usually armed) by our so-called Democratic governments. Minerals are mined in countries where wars are fought to control these resources, but we close our eyes to the horrors because we all benefit daily from their use, be it diesel for our cars or exotic metals for the numerous gadgets we now live with as integral parts of our lives. Our natural world and its population are being ripped apart from our consumerist attitude to life and all things living on the planet. If you would really like to do something very simple and make a powerful statement that you are willing to act in the interest of others get rid of your Amazon Prime membership – or stop shopping on Amazon altogether. Stop supporting the founder of the company riding in his big penis into space, while his employees work in dire conditions here on earth. Take eleven minutes to watch this video clip by George Monbiot putting those space flights into a better perspective. When Amazon is a business we all remember used to exist instead of the fifth richest company in the world, maybe then we can give a small pat on our collective backs.

Why not call out and help put an end to the American military drone murder system which also happens to be a nine billion dollar market doled out to a small handful of companies, and accidentally kills innocent people nearly on a monthly basis, most recently killing an aid worker and his seven children delivering water bottles in Afghanistan. How do we accept, as truly concerned citizens, the fact that America and Britain are so tied up in selling weapons that it is an integral part of their national economies, and conflict of interest abounds with the so-called “revolving door” in the weapons industry? In fact over the last thirty years, nearly 530 people have worked both as members of the Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees of both houses of Congress or the Defense Appropriations subcommittees, and then as lobbyists for defense companies. Can we call to task companies creating toxic chemicals and winning the rights to spray these toxins over us and our planet while spending literally millions on lobbyists and succeeding in yet another “revolving door” scenario where in 2016 thirty seven out of forty eight lobbyists for a well known biotech company had previously held government jobs. When Obama was running for president he said this in December 2007, “The revolving door — the pattern of people going from industry to agency, back to industry — that will be closed in the Obama White House.” By the time he left the White House the reality did not reflect that promise. The top lobbyist for the private health insurance industry that continues to battle aspects of Obamacare is a former Health and Human Services official who played a powerful role in implementing the legislation. The head of the software industry’s lobbying group is a former Obama White House appointee who oversaw the negotiation and enforcement of the intellectual property rules essential to that business. And an Obama aide deeply involved in crafting the White House’s broadband Internet policy now serves as the chief lawyer for the telecom industry group seeking to legally overturn those same rules.

Why are we not up in arms boycotting companies that started opioid epidemics and got away with it by paying fines, and then went onto to make record profits injecting the world with a government mandated experimental vaxxine? Can we be at least a little baffled when private sector, billion dollar corporations – with the backing of corporate funded governments – dictate who can sit in a café, eat at a restaurant or go to the movies by forcing populations to prove we have injected their products into our bodies? Can we get a little ruffled when these same companies have been given lawsuit shields that allow them to roll out their products with no legal comeback to those mal-effected. Here is a quote from the House Appropriations Committee leading democrat over fifteen years ago when President Bush was signing a bill to give these companies indemnity. “The conference committee ended its work with the understanding, both verbal and in writing, that there would be no, I repeat, no legislative liability protection language inserted in this bill.” But hours after the conference was officially closed, more than forty pages of legislative language creating the liability shield, in violation of both the House and Senate rules were inserted. Politicians balked, but to no good end. Here is a quote from then Senator Edward Kennedy, “The final language in the bill provides a basic blank check for the industry, not only on pandemic flu, but just about any other kind of, quote, epidemic that anyone can think of.” Well, here we are. The FDA used to be funded by tax payers, meaning it was a government agency, but increasingly over the years it is now funded by big-pharma, the actual companies it is supposed to be regulating. These so-called “user fees” now account for 45% of its budget! Since 2005 the amount of standard new application drugs that are approved have jumped from 38 to 61%! Are our systems really working in the interest of the people? Keep on swallowing that blue pill and it might seem that way, but these handful of examples squeezed into these last few paragraphs are how government, lobbyists, and multi-billion dollar corporations really work. The show we see makes it look like our governments act for the people, unfortunately the reality behind closed doors is very different. If Dr. Fauci’s probable lying about possible American funding for ‘gain of function’ research to the Wuhan lab in China ever comes to light, will you then swallow the red pill? Will it make you question what is happening in this world when quite possibly the people who created the pandemic are in control of how we deal with it? Will that have to be the final tipping point?

Get out there, boycott or protest everything that is unfair, let’s make our lives a little inconvenient without our favourite movies or ‘made by slave labour’ items arriving on our doorstep. Let’s question why we applaud a system of Apartheid, somehow believing it is done for the greater good. Can we volunteer more, feeding the homeless in a local soup kitchen, cleaning up a local beach, work for an NGO for a few months? Can we think more about the consequences our individual actions may have across the board of our daily decision making ? Can we actually pressure our governments to start more programs helping people eat less processed and fast foods? Can we somehow start obesity awareness groups instead of governments and corporations injecting us with a cocktail of chemicals labelling this as our only possible preventative medicine? By encouraging people to take control of their own bodies, becoming an integral part of a truly healthy society, and disempowering those who profit from unhealthy, fearful populations is a big step forward. The list of what we can do in an attitude of togetherness is virtually endless.

If we truly feel getting a jab, and coercing others through an unfair system of Apartheid to do the same is the best we can do as a free, open, caring, democratic society, I think I can see the appeal of the blue pill. It’s an easy way to change nothing, limit ourselves to one way of thinking and just exist in the current matrix. We do need to tread carefully though, while the effects of the blue pill work well in keeping the status quo ticking along, other mandates will come along without any open debate or dialogue to lead us all down narrower lanes towards a future where we have no say in how we live our lives, take care of our own health, raise our children, spend our leisure time, and the list goes on.

C’mon, let’s take the red pill please. There it is right next to the television remote control manipulating how society thinks, lives, and acts. Many of you who read my blog from April 2020 were excited about what the future might bring and were willing to join me for an exotic drink after this was “All over”. I hope this wasn’t the future you were envisioning those short seventeen months ago. We still have the power to change the way things are, but first we have to try and see them for what they are. I’m ready to join you in that bar, but for now, sadly, I’m not allowed in.


About thebikeguy61

I was born in The Bronx, in NYC. I traveled a fair bit of the world by bicycle for many years. In more recent years I have moved around Europe with my wife and 2 children. My first book was published in 2010, "Cycles of a Traveler". www.cyclesofatraveler.com Back living in France after a fantastic voyage across America with my family. Next book on its way, and always more interviews to look forward to.
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14 Responses to Take the red pill!

  1. Charlie Arbuiso says:

    I miss you and I always thought you were a cool guy.

    I want to be taken off your blog email list because I (apparently) believe in the apartheid of vaccines

    You are so wrong, and you may live the life you choose but I won’t be in the Venn diagram with what I see as your (unfortunate) ignorance on Covid. I can’t imagine you’d want to be connected to me either, as I think this most recent blog post sounds as if Donald trump wrote it.

    It’s not about government control, it’s really about living or dying. Glad you lived, you got lucky.

    I am truly thankful you didn’t die from this virus. I got vaccinated and I feel safe and I feel way smarter than you might think a sheep like me should feel

    I can’t read your BS any more. I look forward to seeing you again one day and by then I hope you’ve come to your senses. I hope no one you love or knows dies of Covid but that is a big hope for the unvaxxed to ever count on.

    Ignorance vs. Science, ignorance can’t win

    Please take me off the list. When you go back to writing about biking and living off the grid and love and family, invite me back.


    • thebikeguy61 says:

      Hi Charlie, sorry you feel like that. Although I do think you have missed the point. The Apartheid is not vaccines, it is the health pass that forces me to get a vaccine. It creates an us and them attitude. I am not, as you might think, anti-vax, just pro-being informed. My blog just points to historical true data on what and who is pushing their agendas upon us and how. I touch not only on vaccine issues, if you read the whole blog you’d see that. I don’t understand how you can read it and think I would be against you getting vaccinated, it is just against the manipulation, the big boys club and the powerful just flaunting their power more and more as government organizations become controlled by private mega-corporations. As for the comparison with Donald Trump, hmmm… I am so glad I live in a place where the Covid issue doesn’t lead to partisan politics and that scary divisive type of thinking. I feel, and many others, that government overreach has gone too far, and big corporations have too much power. That my friend is just fact. I will take you off my list, but my blog list is interspersed with travel blogs too, oh well, if you can’t take reading something that presents a different point of view, there is nothing I can do about that. As for me being lucky for surviving Covid, there a still over 7 billion people on the planet, and with all the variants and amount of folks who got Covid over the past eighteen months and didn’t die, I don’t think luck has anything to do with it. I am statistically pretty safe from death. I am glad you survived the vaccination, statistically it will be interesting to know who is the lucky one in a few years when all the data is in. Be well, let me know if you still want off the list. Peace, Joe P.S. Calling my whole blog BS is quite strong as everything in it is verifiable, researched and historically correct, if you disagree with my opinions that is something completely different. If you are still teaching I do hope you let your students express different ideas than you hold, if not, your sounding like a few political leaders I wouldn’t like to compare you to in public.


  2. Wayd Drake says:

    Hi Joe. Met you when you were traveling through southern Oregon and I went biking at Cathedral hills with your children. I thank you so much for writing this. I couldn’t have summed it up better. You offer legitimate questions and pose righteous solutions! I applaud you. Say hi to the family for me!
    Wayd Drake


  3. William E Donnelly says:


    Well done my friend.
    I have taken the vaccine, Moderna in fact,I got both injections in the mall parking lot near my house…a drive in solution. I have a card to prove I was vaccinated. My answer is it’s none of your business.
    Do they check vaccine cards for Measles at Yankee Stadium…what about Flu shots for those going through grand central station….do those at public swimming pools know how to swim.
    Let’s not give up anymore privacy than we already have….let’s allow adults to make informed decisions about their own health and their children’s.
    Finally, if we continue shouting down dissenting thought from our own….its literally 1984


    • thebikeguy61 says:

      Hi Bill, exactly my sentiments. People have put me down as antivax making weird comparisons, even calling my blog dangerous. I think your attitude is correct, and what I was trying to say. A 1984 existence is upon us unless we put into question all the corrupted systems running the show. Be well my friend.


  4. John Perricone says:

    I delivered my fourth eulogy yesterday for a former student who died of Covid. She was a Pre-K teacher doing so much good in her students’ lives. There’s no question that she’d be alive had the vaccine been available when she contracted the virus. My most recent student who died didn’t believe in the vaccine and neither did his friends who worked in his store. It took his death to motivate them. What words of wisdom would your offer their loved ones in the wake of their loved one’s needless deaths?


    • thebikeguy61 says:

      Hi John, that is very sad you have delivered your 4th eulogy. We are definitely having different Covid experiences. I do wish you and your friend Charlie would read my blog with more of an open mind. I am not anti-vax. Re-read my blog please. I am pointing out corrupted systems that are not working for the greater good. This latest blog shows the systems for what they are, and exposes how our governments lie to us, and corporations are hugely benefitting. It is all researched and verifiable. As for my opinion that the world should not be forced or coerced to vaccinate, sure you can disagree with that, but that’s why I write my blog, to open conversation around issues, and this one is a pretty big issue. As for words of wisdom for their lived ones, I would say please try to see something positive from this unfortunate, untimely passing. Death will visit all of us, life is meant to be lived and we should never cower in fear or give up our personal freedoms because someone dies, we should use it to empower us to live in strength. I will repeat here, if they want to get vaxed, please do so and make sure you feel strong and correct in that decision, not coerced, forced, or guilted into it. As I mentioned in my blog, we have had a very high number of cases here. I still do not know anyone personally who died from Covid. Maybe living without fear of the disease helps, also living healthy lifestyles, eating well, and feeling strong in your choices, no matter what they are, definitely contributes to better outcomes. If I widen my experience of Covid deaths to people I ‘know of’ in the area, there have been two deaths. One a 70 year old guy who died of Covid but I do not know anything about him, his lifestyle, eating or smoking habits, etc… Another woman I ‘know of’ died two days after her second vaccine. She was 45 years old and leaves behind 2 children, but also do not know her lifestyle, etc… I’m not sure if she wanted the jab or not, but she had to get the vax to keep her job. Any words of wisdom for her family John? I purposely did not mention her in my blog, because I did not want to be put down as being anti-vax, and try to keep the experiences I write about mostly first hand. There are many needless deaths happening around the world John, as I point out in my blog. The government systems that are corrupted around the world can seem to turn a blind eye to so much suffering. I still question why and how this current situation is being dealt with. Be healthy, stay informed and big hugs to all of those families who have lost someone to Covid. Peace, Joe


      • John Perricone says:

        What saddens me most, Joe, is how you conflate drone strikes, Big Pharma, and a global pandemic and the best prevention we have against it in the same post. Doing so is woefully misleading for those, who unlike you, don’t possess the intellectual curiosity to parse the nuance of what you’re saying. This is the disservice you’re providing and it can all be reduced to two words: “confirmation bias.” We’re all guilty of seeking out information that supports our world view, but you’ve elevated to an art form. And enough with the “personal freedoms” pitch. Do you scream “my freedoms are being denied me!” every time you come to a red light, or do you stop because it’s the decent and right thing to do in a civilized society? How about all of the countless times that you were screened at an airport? How much of a fight did you put up there, or did you sacrifice a little of your freedom for the greater good? I believe that a person, in a truly free and democratic society, should have an absolute and unequivocal right to self-destruct, but when your behavior (or in this case your lack of same) affects the lives of others around you, we have a very different issue on our hands. The unvaccinated are a breeding ground for the variants and their willful ignorance (and your blog supporting their “freedom to choose”) is what will keep this going, and the deaths mounting. Like the meme says, “Got Polio? Me neither. Thanks Science!”


  5. thebikeguy61 says:

    Hi John, you’re up early. My quick reply is, the vaccinated are protecting themselves, not others. They can still be asymptomatic and catchy, yes their symptoms will be less severe, but it doesn’t stop transmission. I have had Covid so have immunity now, and should not be forced to vaccinate. If you want to watch something interesting, watch this video. https://youtu.be/EG-DfueY0bw As I say in my blog, the systems are corrupted. Society has been shut down, gyms closed obesity an epidemic and linked to morbidity in Covid, but fast food restaurants stay open, processed foods are basically subsidised by your president who has been supporting the ‘farm act bill’ for years(even before he was president). The epidemic in the western word, especially in America, is health. Sorry John, that is just the truth, and the sooner those issues are addressed the better. A jab or two (and more and more boosters) in the arm is not and never will be the sole answer to this virus or any other. When the FDA is funded 45% by the industries they are supposed to be overseeing, something is very wrong. Health, diet, lifestyle are all contributing factors. Please stop with the red light comparison, it has nothing to do with me being forced to put a vaccine into my body that at this point in my life will do absolutely nothing to change my susceptibility to the virus, nor will it help others. Have a great day.


  6. thebikeguy61 says:

    Here are a few emails I have received, I understand people do not want to get involved in posting comments. Some are friends, neighbours, and family. I have made them anonymous to respect their wishes.
    Hey Joe,

    Thank you for standing strong in your truths. It’s great to see you and others not giving in to the medical apartheid system. I refuse to give in to any of this tyranny also. We have all the power. There are many more of us than there are of them. Hold the line!

    I am praying for you, your family, and the rest of France. I’ve seen many amazing videos in France protesting the vaxx passports. (No mainstream media is covering them, but thankfully I know where to look)

    Thanks Joe, very interesting and highly inspiring. I even printed it to circulate your article to others.
    Enjoy this rainy day,
    More and more are ready for the red pill…
    Hi Joe,
    My brother, minded much like you, is in the hospital and has been on high flow oxygen for a week. He may or may not survive. He’s 47 with high blood pressure as his only comorbidity. Otherwise in very good health. I wish you would stop actively spreading your beliefs – as they are quite harmful.

    I like you a lot. But stop sending me these messages from now on, and I will stop sending you things too. Peace brother.
    Hello Joe,
    Hope all is well with everyone. I really enjoyed your blog. As you know, we did get the vaccine as did our daughter’s families. However, I totally respect the right of those that chose not to get it, and those that choose to wear or not wear a mask. Biden has taken mandates much to far, but he is just a puppet being controlled by his staff.

    I am fed up with our government and the idiots in congress. It doesn’t seem to matter who we elect, they are all wealthy, and have no interest in solving the problems in our country. It is all about the power and how they can stay in power. Our media doesn’t report the news or provide the facts; it is all about controlling how we think.

    I don’t see anything changing in my lifetime, but I fear for what the future holds for my grandchildren.

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  7. Louis Twomey says:

    I wish to be removed from your mail list too. Like some of the others who have commented here, I completely disagree with your views on vaccines.

    Differing views are fine as far as I am concerned, but you are presenting some arbitrary things as facts to support your argument which I find distasteful and not compatible with reasoned discussion. For example, you claim that the immunity of vaccinated people wanes by 40% per month, whereas immunity of those that have had Covid wanes by 5% per month – those are stark claims, they do not fit with any of the information I’ve seen from what I consider reputable sources, if you wish people to accept those figures you need to provide evidence to support them.

    Further, you complain several times of an “us and them” society which you claim has been created by vaccination. But you yourself define those that choose not to be vaccinated as “us”, the sensible ones that see through the conspiracy of vaccines, you define those of us that choose to be vaccinated as “them”, willing victims of the conspiracy. If an “us and them” divide is a problem (it is), then you make yourself guilty of fueling that divide.

    For what it’s worth, many of us that have been vaccinated do not consider ourselves to be “immune” to Covid, we understand that this vaccine does not prevent us from contracting this illness, it lessens the symptoms (and potential long term effects) if we do. We also understand that if we do contract it then we may be contagious to others, but medical studies have found that the viral load is significantly lower so the risk to others is reduced. But the risk is not zero, which is why we continue to socially distance where possible, and wear masks in shared spaces. We do this because we are being socially responsible, we are concerned about others in the way we hope they are concerned about us. You portray us very differently, but based on your responses above to other comments, you are dismissive of this suggestion and are not open to revising your assessment. Again, you present no room for discussion on different views to your own despite your claim that you don’t judge those that choose to be vaccinated.

    Oh, and your use of the word “apartheid” is offensive. It does nothing to further your argument, on the contrary it further undermines your supposed stance of being the solitary rational and open-minded person in a sea of ignorance.

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    • thebikeguy61 says:

      Hello Louis, I will remove you from the list. I do think that you misread my thoughts on vaccines. The us and them I speak about is the forcing of everyone down the path of vaccines by mandating a health pass. Only a handful of countries are doing this as of now., and I do feel, it creates a system of insitutionalised, needless, separation. As for the waning immunity, the need for boosters every eight months is probably proof enough of a quick decline in efficacy. My mistake quoting hard percentages without footnoting them.

      It seems like the experience of living here, which is a vibrant, large, community, having such a different pandemic period than the media portrays, or others like yourself are experiencing, accounts for nothing with those who say I leave no room for discussion. It never gets a mention that there quite possibly a different way through this point in history, there is, and we are living it. I have tried to recount our story in detail in a previous blog, and touch on it briefly in this one, but no one who claims I am putting out false, divisive, even dangerous information ever comments on the large, multi thousand people, mostly positive experience we have been having, which does not coincide with the current narrative, and never has.

      Louis, I wish you well, sorry that you do feel the way you do about your perceived idea that i am anti-vax, To repeat one more time in closing, I am anti forcing the world down one pathway out of the situation we are in. I have had much support on this blog from vaccinated and unvaccinated alike who, like me, feel the healthbpass is a step too far.

      All the best, Joe

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  8. thebikeguy61 says:

    If anyone has the inkling, watch this. https://youtu.be/5mbo6zSjcQk

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