Just Keeping Perspective!

Like the title says, I am just trying to keep perspective. I want to say this blog is written with no judgment on other people’s choices. I obviously know that when I say big-pharm, etc.. I am not silly enough to think that there are not wonderful, intelligent people working in those sectors. I am writing this because we are not hiding how we live here. We have come to different conclusions, and are now being pushed to follow choices so many others have made, and when other people’s beliefs become rules and laws without proper debate and open discussion, that becomes the danger. For those of us who think differently from the mainstream it can feel like a kind of persecution if we don’t just concede, shut up and obey. I and many others feel it is a dangerous way to live, and history proves this many times over. So please read this with an open mind, and also feel free to disagree, get angry, or whatever, but the one thing I ask, please don’t ask me to feel, think and agree with something just because so many others do. If you can, try to watch some of the links I have inserted as they may show a different perspective to what you have come across in your own personal searches. Be well. Thanks. Joe

To follow up on my Hug Granny blog, covid finally came to our village. A handful of people caught it, and it didn’t spread like wildfire. The main population didn’t stop living like we had been for the past year, (Read my Hug Granny blog) and all those who got over it, did so pretty quickly.

So what might be the reason for this? Maybe the lack of stress, hyped up media coverage not being read, watched nor ingested daily, and accepting the virus as a new addition to the human genome to be lived with, not run from, or give up what makes us human to avoid it. You may balk at that last phrase, but I do not think we were put on this planet, survived for millennia as a species constantly adapting to our ever-changing world, to be ultimately controlled by large profit-making, mega-corporations, or elected officials telling us how to live our lives. Our humanity is much more than that!

I think the Johnson & Johnson labs said it best when they gave their excuse for the adverse affects their vaccine was having on people. They said it was due to stress; people getting stressed before a vaccination is normal, so the FDA made sure their vaccine was back on the market pronto. Gotta save lives. Strangely enough, never once has anyone from the WHO to the CDC, or any of the other acronyms running the planet, ever mentioned stress being a contributing factor to covid hysteria taking over the world. How the world reacted to the covid virus had a lot to do with its citizens being totally pushed out of any discussions on the way forward. A dangerous reaction in an open free world. Might all the media hype, lockdowns, people out of work, countries shutting down, etc.. have caused stress and possibly help lead us to where we are today? Something to ponder, but nope, not a mention of that possibility in the current narrative. But when a multi-billion dollar corporation comes out to defend their product and its adverse effects, everyone nods and says, “Ooh, that makes sense!” Hey wait a minute has anyone read this little ditty? Notice any familiar company names?

The Washington Post: Drug Companies, Plaintiffs Close In On $26B Deal To Settle Opioid Lawsuits Four companies that made or distributed prescription opioids and played roles in the catastrophic opioid crisis have reached a tentative $26 billion settlement with counties and cities that sued them for damages in the largest federal court case in American history. The settlement offer from opioid manufacturer Johnson & Johnson and the “Big Three” distributors, McKesson, Cardinal Health and AmerisourceBergen, potentially brings a large measure of legal closure for the companies and will funnel money to communities devastated by an addiction crisis that claims more than 70,000 lives in America every year. That death toll continues to rise even as it is overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic. (Achenbach, Rowland, Zezima and Davis, 11/5)

Wow, so J&J, as I know many like to refer to their drug lords with a more personal touch, (and four other pharmaceutical companies) are implicated with contributing to the death of 70,000 people a year with opioid drugs, settle for a astronomical figure, and people continue to put trust in these same companies to see us out of another crisis? Prison will never be spoken about, just pay the fee, and move on to the next multi-billion dollar venture – covid- government sponsored, media hyped, guaranteed money spinner for all involved. Weird, or I guess that’s just irresponsible me pointing out things I really shouldn’t. Maybe 70,000 dead drug addicts isn’t considered murder.

What about the most recent Nashville, USA woman paralyzed by the Pfizer shot? Here’s Pfizer’s official response.

“It is important to note that serious adverse events that are unrelated to the vaccine are unfortunately likely to occur at a similar rate, as they would in the general population.” 

So, 24 hours after her second vaccine this otherwise healthy woman(with epilepsy), is paralyzed but Pfizer can get away with saying it’s just a serious adverse event coincidentally coinciding with the second vaccine. (As everyone knows people with epilepsy spontaneously become paralyzed)! Actually, they really don’t even have to say anything at all since most vaccine companies have the luxury of not being held accountable for adverse effects, no matter how severe. Man, that’s pretty handy. The debate has been ongoing since the 60’s and adverse effects have always followed mass vaccination programs. These non liability clauses have indeed helped turn the big-pharma industry from multi-million dollar to multi-billion dollar corporations. Not many industries can claim that perk.

One thing I can assure everyone reading this, is that in our village and the surrounding areas, our lack of mask wearing, keeping our interactions quite normal – social distancing rules are as close as a hug and kiss can get you – we haven’t had anyone becoming paralyzed, no blood clots, no fertility issues, or any other possible long-term health problems. Death rates in the area never skyrocketed, (or even happened to any alarming degree to my knowledge in the surrounding area) local hospitals weren’t overwhelmed and fortunately when covid visited we weren’t freaked out, didn’t overreact, and we are all still here to tell the tale. No one wants to listen to our story because it doesn’t fit in well with the current narrative that is unfortunately benefitting a handful of mega billion dollar corporations as we tumble into the light of a new world order staring us in the face. Ah, but only if we let it.

I was called quite a lot of things after my last blog about hugging granny. Irresponsible was one of the most common. Well, our village has survived the covid crisis while we have continued to live in the presence of full smiling faces, hugging and kissing each other hello, faced the coming of the virus like healthy human beings, and we fought off the small visit it paid us without much fanfare. This mass experiment comprising thousands of people has been going on for well over a year now, but that won’t make any newspaper headlines. I’m sure I’ll be lambasted once again, we’ll all be called irresponsible for acting like well-informed healthy adults making our own decisions about fighting a virus, and coming out the other side of it pretty unscathed, and no, the vaccine hasn’t helped, because I hardly know of anyone who has decide to go that route, and the few I do know didn’t participate in our unmasked, hugging experiment, and were never forced to. I know many of you might be saying, sure, a small village tucked away in southern France with limited interactions with the outside world. Not quite actually! If you didn’t go back to my granny blog, here are a few small excerpts explaining our little part of the world since April 2020.

……..The weekend after (the first) lockdown eight house concerts were organised by local musicians and they were well-attended, people in close contact, a few masks here and there, but mostly music, sharing food, kids all playing with each other and the last concert of the weekend had over 250 people as that is where my son and I lost count. (Average attendance for the first seven concerts about 60 people). There were people from all over the area, and one friend had just flown in from England through eerily empty skies and airports.

……..the market was packed, a small percentage of masks to be seen, but mostly it felt basically back to normal, with the background noise of rules, regulations and a police presence that never existed before.

…….July rolled around and we were all in full normal mode by then. Many laws being, umm shall I say, ignored. A local Associative Café opened its doors to weekly Friday music/dance nights. Food available, live music, dancing, sweating in the summer heat and masks were definitely not apparent.

……..It had now been three months of close contact, no masks, hugging and kissing nearly back to normal levels accept for those who took advantage of the situation to drop some social norms they were glad to leave behind. Hitch-hikers, travelers, cyclists, WOOFERs, Workawayers, holiday makers were all arriving in the area, albeit in smaller numbers, but still an international feeling was obvious.

We even attended a weekend-long music festival with well over 400 people over the summer. This spirit never stopped, and until the present, our experiment, clearly showing there are other ways to face this moment in history, has been mostly ignored – no scientific studies – but thankfully we all know what has transpired, our children have seen what a different world can look like, and we have all been empowered to live in control of our futures without feeling we are dependent on big business to keep us alive.

Yes, the vaccine has given comfort to many world-wide but not conferred the promised total immunity. But still it’s been hailed a success. It is a fact the placebo effect works exceedingly well. It is even incorporated into scientific studies and is a well-documented phenomenon. Read this book, ‘You are the Placebo’, by Joe Dispenza. It is brilliant and will maybe change your life forever. Who knows? It is more than likely well at work now, both in our local experiment, and also the mass vaccination experiment. Unfortunately though, collateral damage has happened, and as with all vaccines, will continue to do so, but people around the world who have walked a different path, thought a different idea, and didn’t get nor give anyone blood clots on the way will be seen as the irresponsible ones.

Once again, I want to repeat here before you start saying we spread the virus, we clearly didn’t in our area, and there are many similar stories around the world confirming that. Plus, the numbers themselves have still not proved covid to be a pandemic. Four million dead with a planetary population of over 7 billion, just do the math. Big cities were hit much harder than the countryside, that is for sure, but again, fear, mass hysteria and stress may have also contributed to those scenes we saw get out of control just over a year ago. Also, don’t forget, although a minute number of young healthy individuals have succumbed to covid, it is more the exception rather than the rule, so when the math is further done the percentage of those deaths is nearly too infinitesimal to calculate. The majority who have died are the aged, or those with other underlying health issues. So why would a mass vaccination program of mostly the unaffected, healthy population be seen as the answer? Why are governments and big-pharma touting the same program as such a success? Is it because all of these otherwise healthy individuals are now climbing out of their confinements, walking without their masks, and not dropping dead of covid? Might that have happened anyway? Now nearly impossible to test, but it has been happening all over the world already in many unvaccinated populations. I know that for a fact, I have been living one of those mass experiments. Again, like many times over the past year, my mind boggles.

So in our upside down world, J&J, and other big pharma companies got away with helping to cause a drug addiction problem so widespread in America that small towns, villages, big cities, all still feel the burden of their greed. Where all we have done here is embrace our humanity, refuse to conceal our faces behind masks, (that still have not any hard core scientific proof of their efficacy in open places), and decide to not give our bodies over to an experimental vaccine that has been fast tracked through to be seen as the saving of humanity. Are we really the dangerous ones putting others at risk? I just do not understand! Let’s all be careful to whom we give over our wonderful, magical, powerful bodies, and let our minds be manipulated by. Profit-driven, multi-billion dollar corporations, sanctioned by governments who put billions of dollars into bombs, arms, warfare, environmentally destructive policies, are definitely not on my short list of who I will listen to when it comes to my health.

Oh, yes, how heartless of me not to mention India or Brazil. People are still dying from covid, that’s now making the papers for sure. My big question is why have we in the west generally, in a real big altruistic way, never paid India much attention before when it came to health, or for that matter untimely deaths by malnutrition, starvation, malaria outbreaks or environmental catastrophies? India ranks 136th and Brazil 75th in life expectancy. The USA is only 46th, and many European countries fall under the 20 mark. But of course, the two above-mentioned countries are now making the papers or television newscasts filling our heads with fear. Brazil and India both have problems with health, nutrition, and many other differences to the healthier countries of the west. Read these two clips below to see why these comparisons don’t really make scientific sense.

“But the truth is somewhat more disturbing, for there is no debate at all about the fact that India is home to the largest number of malnourished people in the world. About a third of our children are stunted: As the word implies, their bodies (and, indeed, their brains) are less developed than they should be for their age. And there is one overwhelming reason for this damning observation: They have gone to bed, day after day, month after month, without enough food.”

“Brazil has shown limited progress towards achieving the diet-related non-communicable disease (NCD) targets. The country has shown no progress towards achieving the target for obesity, with an estimated 25.4% of adult (aged 18 years and over) women and 18.5% of adult men living with obesity. Brazil’s obesity prevalence is lower than the regional average of 27.9% for women and 20.2% for men. At the same time, diabetes is estimated to affect 8.7% of adult women and 7.8% of adult men.”

I am not just saying we should forget about the human suffering going on in these places, but I do believe their problems go far beyond just covid. The vaccine might make more sense for them, but big-pharma, Bill Gates and others involved in the production and distribution of vaccines are playing their usual game of profit before people. So inexpensive, widespread vaccines produced in other factories world-wide are being met with quite a bit of resistance from those who stand to gain quite a bit of money and power by keeping control of the technology. Watch this if you have a few extra minutes.

I have always been quite aware of the inequalities of our world. But when I used to speak about Tibetan refugees, the suffering of developing countries, I was met with the attitude that is over there. Now though, all of a sudden what happens there will certainly happen here if we don’t shoot some chemicals into our bloodstream, but at the same time making it more difficult for them to acquire the vaccine more affordably and locally produced. I am just asking we keep perspective, because the way it is all being spun we will start deferring to covid in countries like India and Brazil as it draws some sort of parallels with Europe, America, Australia, etc.. Hmmmm…..

So as we look to big pharma to save the world, let’s turn a blind eye to the fact that these same companies have helped kill so many through opioid addiction, and yes admitted it by paying large sums of money to the plaintiffs, but hey oops, sorry about that, will 26 billion bucks make amends? What about the fact that a great number of drugs are so expensive in America that people die from curable diseases (not mutating viruses that will need boosters year after year, yippee more money!!) while multi-billion dollar need to feed their bottom line. As the patent wars begin, and the earnings from these vaccines hit astronomical levels, my head reels. Read this excerpt from The Washington Post article recently published concerning the whole patent debate on proprietary intellectual property going on right now. Here is a quick excerpt.

“Pfizer estimates that sales of the mRNA vaccine it developed in conjunction with the German firm BioNTech will be $26 billion in 2021, which would make it the highest-selling pharmaceutical product ever, and Pfizer predicts strong demand next year for boosters as immunity wanes and coronavirus variants proliferate. Moderna, the other company with a successful mRNA vaccine, raised its vaccine revenue estimates Thursday to $19.2 billion this year.”

The history of big pharma, big agro, big tech, is not pretty, and very far from altruistic. Somehow perspective gets lost, wars are waged, collateral damage is inevitable. As history shows way too many times, from unjust wars, opioid epidemics, to pandemics, there is always a trail of money to follow, and it mostly goes to a very small handful of those on top.

To give up your healthy body to companies that have knowingly addicted so many innocent people to opioids, kept life giving drugs from those who needed it, have a long history of treating developing countries as their personal R&D projects, and have many times excluded those same countries from access to inexpensive or free vaccines, sounds like a strange plan. All this while having their fingers in mass media like never before, and basically controlling the narrative. Censorship and the suppression of unheard voices is reaching unprecedented levels across social and mass media. A very dangerous situation indeed. Meanwhile our collective brains get so filled with fear that we look to them as our saviors. There are truly so many other narratives and stories to be told, it’s just the platforms to share these positive stories, and alternative pathways to health, are being heavily censored, and much harder to find.

I have had so many well-meaning, loving friends and family pushing the vaccine, singing its praises. I don’t understand how so much faith can be put into these experimental trials. Sure, hail it as one small way forward if you’re so inclined. But for me and so many others I know who share my point of view, to push it as the only way out of this pandemic is just giving over too much power to big business, and that is definitely not a good way to head into a healthy future where we can live harmoniously and healthily while all on different trajectories. Surely this is what life is meant to be on planet earth.

As I write this Vax Live has Rock and Rollers, pop artists, and more performing to encourage even more people to get vaccinated. Scientific experts? Would you sit them in your house and ask them about other health issues? I really don’t understand what it’s all about. Vaccine awareness? I believe we’re all aware of that already. Is it just a big push, by those who should never be spokespeople for how humanity takes care of their personal health, to get more people hyped up and jabbed? You tell me. My mind boggles. I thought these were the people who were supposed to question authority. In the sixties they helped stop an unjust war, they have exposed social injustice, and now they are helping these huge corporations, to shoot what is still an experimental vaccine, into millions of young healthy people’s bodies. All this for a virus that has and will mutate, and in healthy populations has not had a large kill rate. The possible side effects, death, and unknown long term effects from the vaccine are still not known as so many millions line up to get voluntarily jabbed. I sometimes wonder if Elon Musk has somehow successfully chipped everyone’s brain already. (Another scary story yet to be visited upon us)! It certainly feels that way.

As for those of us on a different path to health? Just mask us all, shut us away, only report the negative news, and ban anything that doesn’t tow the party line. Sounds pretty dystopian to me.

Our little village and many others like it across Europe, America and the world have proved that a healthy mind and body is our first defense against a virus. Being human and keeping our humanity well intact is the most important thing we can do to achieve full health. If a vaccination helps you on your way to have a healthy mind and outlook, by all means line up, but please don’t force others to feel like you do, don’t force others to put faith in companies that have proved time and time again that profit comes before people, and please don’t cause yet another rift in society by backing the insane plan to have vaccine passports become normal. That is the most irrational idea I have ever heard of. Look what is happening in Israel.

Keep well informed, keep perspective, follow your heart, not just the mainstream flow, and if possible, take time to look at this issue from many different sides. I am surrounded by people from diverse backgrounds – doctors, farmers, performers, teachers, nurses, therapists, etc…- Our collective different experiences has led us to different conclusions and far different outcomes than many other places in the world. Is it wrong? No, just different. This is a lovely short video by Dr. Bruce Lipton, try to take three minutes to watch it.

Another way is possible, actually so many other ways are possible. The mind/body side of science is exploding, alternative therapies abound, holistic approaches to our health are uncovering the miracles our bodies truly are, nearly on a weekly basis. All the while the mega rich, super powerful, government backed, medical/pharmaceutical model is good at pushing its agenda. The word will get out there, even if the powers that be want to control it. Watch this video and see what the media is blocking out. This event happened in London the last weekend in April 2021, and unbelievably was met with a basic mainstream media blackout. Why?

Let’s embrace life together, show that wonderful healthy smile to everyone walking down the street, stop reading and believing newspaper headlines, turn off mind-numbing, brain washing televisions a bit more, don’t put all of your faith in multi-billion dollar corporations, and most importantly, stay well, eat well, live well, don’t welcome fear into your houses, your hearts or your heads. I feel deep down the outcomes will be far more beneficiary to our overall well being. Our future will look a lot brighter when we stop cowering and start conquering years and years of manipulation by big corporate interests.

Peace, Joe

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18 Responses to Just Keeping Perspective!

  1. Joseph Dolan says:

    Completely agree Joe, love you buddy and peace ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Victoire says:

    Hi Joe, its been years but I’m glad I’ve kept you on the radar 🙂 Thanks for writing this and for all the links. I wholeheartedly agree and just passed your book Cycles of a Traveller, to my youngest son Yarrow, now 18! Hugs from Peru xx


  3. Charlie Arbuiso says:

    Opioids and Covid are not connected even if you type the words into a single sentence. I have admired you and your attitudes and beliefs. I don’t subscribe to all of them but I believe it takes people pulling from fringes to get the group more or less in the middle You are important but in this story you are as off as Alex Jones is for different reasons.

    Covid is real, and in many places, like your hometown say, so many died. Even in the Binghamton NY area, where you lived briefly, too many died, of Covid.

    We lose some to opioids too, but we lose some to cars, guns, and other reasons. All disconnected. All Big-pharma has done in Covid is saved millions from a virus. You may be lucky in that it’s not common in your corner. You’re not safer for hugging anyone’s granny or going to hear music. You might be happier, but how happy if half the town got sick? Maybe today you are confusing happy with lucky?

    Live and let live, but my bet on science rather than gut feelings, on health care rather than acceptance of what happens happens -is way more sensible for those of us living in the real world where real people get Covid and really die

    Sure, lots live but they pass it in and it spreads. A lot of Americans, and a lot or earthlings have died, and any drivel about mistrusting the vaccine because you heard of one person who was paralyzed in Indiana, or wherever. That’s a lot of credence you give to a story, about a person, with no facts other than you typed it and I heard about it in a tabloid. It’s not media blackout Joe, it’s random. If true
    It’s sad. Still, life is risky and life without the vaccine is more risky than without

    You keep dancing and hugging and blogging. I’ll keep reading. You struck a nerve with this one. Stay healthy. Consider the midterms vaccine, I lived mine and I have been biking more than ever since. No joke.

    I miss you. Charlie Arbuiso


    • thebikeguy61 says:

      Hi Charlie, the opioid connection was just pointing out the same big companies involved, which is fact. They are in court now in America, and have paid huge sums for their folly. As far as your belief in vaccines, please keep them, live by them, etc.., but it still doesn’t mean I and others like me have to feel the same way. France is a much less vaccinated country than the USA, The USA is highly vaccinated, but also has many other underlying health issues, some of them having to do with being too dependent on pharmaceuticals. The average 65 year old, healthy American is on 6 meds average. Obesity, diabetes, fast food addictions, etc… All this adds up. Thanks, I will still continue to dance, hug and kiss. As I did say in the blog, in our small village covid had arrived, all who got it, young and old, got over it quickly with no long term complications. I think out world is too big and diverse to paint it over with one big brush. Miss you to brother. Keep riding!


      • thebikeguy61 says:

        Also forgot to say. I think mine and your model of science is different. I respect your views, but to me science is so vast. I deeply believe in mind/body connections, the work being done there is incredible. People like Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and more, are the people I look to in the scientific world, and put links to them in the blog. I just hope in our vast world, pushing everyone down the same road to health never seems like a good idea. Especially mandated by big government, and backed by big business. Love ya bro. Hugs to all.


  4. thebikeguy61 says:

    My friend John Perricone try to post this comment, for some reson it is not coming up. So I will post it here for him.

    Here’s what I attempted to post: Hey Joe. I love and miss you and I’m so happy that you’ve found a community where you and others in that community are thriving. That being said, I feel that you’ve unfortunately conflated issues like the oxycontin epidemic with vaccines — painting them both with the same brushstroke of big pharma culprits that have done equal damage to humanity, and on that note, I couldn’t disagree more. We are old enough to remember people who had polio, but I’m grateful to Jonas Salk for what he discovered so that my life, my children’s lives, and millions of others could be spared. If I suggested that he and the Sackler family were living their lives on the same moral plane, I would only hope that you’d find that repugnant. And I’m similarly saddened to see that you’ve jumped on the Bill Gate’s bandwagon — as we could only wish to accomplish with our lives what he’s accomplished with his foundation — working to eradicate disease and illness around the world and in developing countries, focusing on improving people’s health and giving them the chance to lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty.
    I just came from my fifth funeral for someone I loved who died of Covid — three of whom were my students with no pre-existing conditions. What do you think their families would say in response to the Covid hype you speak of? You will certainly find support for what you’ve written, but I believe you’ve done a tremendous disservice to those who don’t have the energy, the desire, or the intellectual curiosity to discern fact from fiction. They hear an intelligent voice like yours and say, “Yeah — what Joe said!”

    And lastly, this is not just an issue of self-determinism or individual freedoms – it’s a public health and safety issue – much like our social contract to stop at a red light for the sake of everyone at the intersection. If your entire community is on board with the choices you’ve collectively made, more power to you – but when your decision to live your life as you see fit violates another’s right to do the same (your decision to smoke in a crowded elevator), we have a very different issue on our hands. I’d love to treat you to breakfast when the opportunity arises. John


    • thebikeguy61 says:

      Hi John, thanks for the reply. Hopefully like many times in life, we will have to agree to disagree. The social contract to stop at a red light and to get a vaccine, for me draw absolutely no parallels. One has an immediate and quite known effect, the other is so tied up in nuances that the list is too long to write, and the debate has been ongoing for decades. Just with the mere fact that adverse reactions can occur, not matter how miniscule, might be enough for many not to take the risk. As for putting others at risk, that is the same old argument that seems to follow vaccine issues. If the vaccine works, and those who choose to get it have immunity, that should be enough. Making the whole world subscribe to one form of health, orchestrated by big government and big business, for me and many others is a dangerous path. Yes, like you and Charlie have stated, many people have died from covid. Personally, and I mean someone I knew or spoke to in my life, I do not know of anyone who has, not only here but in my circle of friends and family that span the globe. Maybe just luck, but with not quite 4 million people dead out of a world population of 7 billion, I think the odds were pretty much against me. I do feel sad for those who have lost their lives to covid, but I also feel sad for the millions of others who have lost their livelihoods, lost their first years in college, weren’t allowed to say goodbye to dying parents, suffered deep mental problems, and mainly I am more disturbed by the rising suicide rates because of the reaction to covid. I am still in favor of letting people come to their own personal choices when it comes to their body and their health. And yes, I also feel when we get into an automobile, which also kills 1.5 million people yearly, it is a good idea to stop at a red light, not drive drunk, and follow the rules of the road. With love and respect, Joe


  5. armadillo108 says:

    Well done, Joe! I agree with you. Hope that you and the family are keeping well.
    With love from Barbara in Weymouth.xxx


    • thebikeguy61 says:

      Hi Barbara, we are all doing well, thanks. Glad to see you are too. Tricky times we are living in for sure. Fortunately we are in a good space, trying to keep it all in perspective. Be well, stay informed, Peace, Joe


  6. thebikeguy61 says:

    I just received this response by email. I asked permission to post the comment.

    I’m with you on so much of this. Why won’t the U.S. publicize the CDC fact that obesity is a factor in 70% of serious COVID cases and hospitalizations? Because it would mean that people might be expected to take responsibility for their health, which would conflict with the victimization narrative on one side of the political spectrum here. COVID and the COVID response are completely politicized here – a complicated issue in a country with 350 million people. In the end, people can and should be able to make their own decisions. Unfortunately most Americans are clueless about how to make that decision, because they’re equally clueless about how to manage their bodies. And with a pill to solve every malady, they’re really not that interested in understanding anything. Sad and embarrassing. Anyway – hope you & your family are well – everyone is doing great here. Take care!


  7. thebikeguy61 says:

    Also, I just received this email from the same friend in the above comment, and she wants this to be known as well.

    For further context on me, I chose to get the vaccine. Not because I’m “all-in”, but because on balance, considering my friends, my desire to visit family across the country, and the requirements of my job (I fly regularly for work around the U.S. & Canada), it was the right thing for me to do. I’m not afraid of COVID, and I have no underlying conditions. I’m not opposed to the vaccine, I’m opposed to mandatory vaccination, and opposed to limited information sharing surrounding it.


  8. ohsusanna says:

    You are spot on with EVERYTHING you’ve mentioned! Unfortunately, my brother, common sense and critical thinking SKILLS are not taught in most schools. We are programmed from day one and if we refuse or rebel we are labeled dissident or rebel or conspiracy theorist or my favorite “black sheep” of the family (BTW, I don’t mind any of that as long as they put a Miss in front of it)! The “Sheeple” tend to follow the wolves who pretend to care about them but, in reality, they only care about money and power. If people cared to do the research that my friends and I have been doing since March 2020 they would see that all of this was planned many years ago. The puppet masters all subscribe to the almighty dollar which is the carrot that Mr. Gates continues to dangle in front of them. He has done much damage in Africa under the guise of caring and wanting to save the children (I posted a link). He is EVIL and has managed to dupe countless people into believing that he wears a white hat and is a do-gooder. The sad part of it all is that we live in a world where money talks and many will sacrifice their souls for it and, apparently, our souls as well. As for you and I and our like-minded friends we know that less is more and what’s really important doesn’t have a price tag. We question the narratives and dare to go against the grain when it doesn’t feel good or feel right. We don’t live in fear but rather in love and give our energy to what we want rather than what we don’t want. This is the narrative that I follow! No one knows what’s best for me except me, and certainly not a computer guy who knows shit about health. I’ve been reading labels and filtering water for four decades and have never been on board with putting money into the hands of big pharma. Homeopathic remedies and food are my medicine. I’ve studied and done the work to become well versed in all things health related and as a Holistic Health Coach and Practitioner I listen to my body’s innate intelligence. Again, something we are not taught to do. We are taught to seek help outside ourselves with a “one size fits all” kind of treatment. Well, I believe that I will remain positive and hopeful that the “truth shall set us free” because there are numerous doctors, scientists, epidemiologists and researchers dedicating themselves to challenging the lie that has been force fed to us. The great culling is at hand. Poisoning the population through chlorinated/fluoridated water, chem trails, GMO’s, plastics, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, big pharma, vaccines, processed food, and now 5G. I shake my head in disbelief that a large portion of the world’s population doesn’t question the contents of all the things that I’ve listed. Oh yeah, and why is Gates buying up all the land? Check out the movie “Wander” if you want to see a glimpse of a potential future for humankind. And riddle me this batman: Why are we not seeing the number of deaths due to the injection? Why are renowned doctors and scientists unable to share their findings on social media platforms? Why is the CDC not responding to their emails regarding their findings? Wait until the truth about extraterrestrials is made know to the masses. The “Great Awakening” is upon us! And as REM sang in 1987 – It’s the End of the World as we know it and I feel fine! Love and Light to you and the family and the world……..NAMASTE

    Liked by 1 person

    • thebikeguy61 says:

      Hi Susanna, thanks for the reply. Yes, I couldn’t agree more. Why does the world follow a computer dude down the road to health while eschewing scientists, researchers, health practitioners and so many more who have been doing great work with health issues over the years? Yes, his land grabbing in America has made it to my radar, definitely something to question, but not really ever mentioned in mainstream media. My mind, as I say in the blog, boggles! I am so thankful to be surrounded by such healthy people making other choices than a pharmaceutical answer to all health problems. Food, lifestyle, and alternative approaches abound where I live, and no fear surrounding a virus has ruled our lives over the past year. There are so many ways to health, but the one thing I do know for fact, is that in our great experiment down here, we have arrived on the other side of this weird year healthy with no possible long term effects from constant mask wearing or experimental vaccines. More importantly we didn’t help big-pharma make over $45,000,000,000 in profits in the year 2021 alone on the back of this ‘pandemic’. The numbers astound me, and that is basically only two of the companies’ projected profits! Anyhow, I am glad you are healthy, keeping perspective, and more importantly, questioning what is going on. We are at an important crossroads in history, and I do hope more people enter open dialogue and stop just accepting the force-fed narrative. It is so important to keep the television off, the newspapers on their news stands, and to live a healthy, empowered life. Be well, hopefully see you soon. Big hugs, Joe


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