Connecting the World Through Music!

Meet Steve Shehan, world musician. On a chance meeting I met this quite interesting dude, listen here to a quick tale about his life’s journey from a Virginia born American to a world musician based in Paris, France.

Enjoy, peace, Joe

About thebikeguy61

I was born in The Bronx, in NYC. I traveled a fair bit of the world by bicycle for many years. In more recent years I have moved around Europe with my wife and 2 children. My first book was published in 2010, "Cycles of a Traveler". Back living in France after a fantastic voyage across America with my family. Next book on its way, and always more interviews to look forward to.
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2 Responses to Connecting the World Through Music!

  1. ohsusanna says:

    I enjoy your connecting and sharing these interviews of some interesting and adventurous people! Keep on keepin’ on and say “Hi” to the family from the mountains of Asheville 🙂


    • thebikeguy61 says:

      Hi Susanna, Will say hello to the family. Yes, I really enjoy doing the interviews, if I am in the interview mode I meet some great people.He was such a nice guy, with a long list of cool life adventures! Hope all is well in Asheville, who knows maybe catch up before the year is out.


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